install bugzilla 4.2.4 on ubuntu 12.04 with nginx

Many people run bugzilla with Apache, but I want to use nginx. So This post mainly shows how to run bugzilla with nginx. To use bugzilla, you should also install mysql to store data, install postfix to send mail and others. Do it with Google.

Perpare Web Server

Install Nginx

to run bugzilla, first a webserver is needed. I chose nginx as my bugzilla’s webserver.

Download ngnix from, or just get from And then unpack it.

$ wget
$ tar xvf nginx-1.2.6.tar.gz

cd nginx-1.2.6, run ./configure->make->make install, and our nginx will be installed at /usr/local/nginx/. If there are some problem, google it. I assume that the nginx has been installed, so next to configure nginx to service for bugzilla.

Let Nginx Work With Perl Cgi

our nginx should work with perl cgi, beasue the bugzilla is writen by perl. A is needed. You can get it HRER, or
$ wget
(Here I just show the simple method that make ngnix work with perl cgi. See Setting up Perl FastCGI with Nginx For advanced method)

run the perl script with sudo.

$ chmod +x fastcgi-wrapper
$ sudo ./fastcgi-wrapper

The error Can't locate in @INC ... maybe occurs.
Just fix it by $ sudo apt-get install libcgi-fast-perl. run fastcgi-wrapper again.

$ sudo vi /usr/local/nginx/conf/nginx.conf, clear all contents of nginx.conf and put these as the file contents:

start nginx
$ sudo /usr/local/nginx/sbin/nginx
Visit localhost:88 in your browser. If you see Welcome to nginx, that stands for nginx install successfully.

Test First Perl Cgi

test out a sample Perl script, create a perl script in /usr/local/nginx/html.
$ sudo vi /usr/local/nginx/html/

Visit localhsot:88/, the Perl Environment Variables will be shown. Ok, the nginx works with perl cgi.

Install Bugzilla

Download bugzilla-4.2.4.tar.gz at And unpack it.

$ wget
$ tar xvf bugzilla-4.2.4.tar.gz -C /usr/local/nginx/html

Now, you can follow the Bugzilla Quick Start Guide in bugzilla-4.2.4/README to install.

/usr/bin/perl --all will spend long long time.

If all installations are done, you will visit your bugzilla from loaclhost:88/bugzilla-4.2.4.